Colleen Barrett Award Past Winners


Oh my goodness, being chosen to receive the 2017 Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence was an incredible honor!  It is truly humbling to be recognized so publicly for the work that I do. The beautiful award is a show-stopper, and it serves as a reminder and motivator to continue to strive for excellence.  I’m very thankful to Sunny and the Admin Awards Team for honoring our profession in such a significant way!

Shannon Smock

Hunt Consolidated, Inc.


Extraordinarily honored, humbled, and grateful only begin to describe how I feel about winning the Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence! I am blessed beyond measure to be recognized for making a significant contribution to my executives and to my organization. This award has inspired me to raise my standard of excellence even further and to reach beyond what I thought was possible. Thank you, Sunny, and everyone at the Dallas Admin Awards for going above and beyond to bring forward recognition for so many working in the background. You have made this significant honor so special for me and all of the finalists and winners!

Allison Miller

MedSynergies, Inc.


Winning the 2015 Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence has been the highlight of my career.  I am honored to receive such an award that’s named after a role model for so many people.  I’ve been doing what I love for over 30 years and am blessed to be recognized in such a wonderful way.  A big thank you to Sunny for having the vision to create the Admin Awards.

Donna McAnulty



What an incredible and exciting honor it was to win the 2014 Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence! Winning this award brought validation to my 30 year career as an administrative professional, a profession that I love and for which I have always had a passion. I am blessed beyond measure to be recognized for my contributions and accomplishments in this most prestigious way. Thank you, Dallas Admin Awards, for seeing the value in our profession and for creating this fabulous program that celebrates administrative excellence.

Debbie Johnson



Winning the Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence was a tremendous honor. It was an attestation from the executives I support and my colleagues in the office of the important role I play in their respective jobs. It’s an honor to be recognized and celebrated for my contributions as an administrative professional, especially by someone like Colleen Barrett, and it has energized me to continue to grow and achieve more.

Brandon J. Ray

Brinker International


Winning the first CB award was more than I could have ever imagined. I have been in an administrative role my entire career – so being recognized so publicly for doing something that not only am I very good at but that I actually love doing is beyond words. This award is proudly displayed front and center in my office and serves as a daily reminder that hard work and effort does pay off!

Cheryl Portillo (formerly Wiggins)